In liquidation.

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Have an existing project with Appster?

Apps People is a recognised Australian mobile app development company with mobile app industry experience since 2010. Its founder, Stuart Kidd has worked with many successful startups and has been part of the startup scene himself, listing his last startup on the ASX in 2013.

He knows how much effort and time it takes to make a success out of a startup and understands all too well the long process of design and development. When a company goes into liquidation it’s not only the staff who lose their jobs but many founder dreams and bank balances are broken.

Apps People would like to extend a helping hand to any of the startups affected by Appster’s recent liquidation and free of charge will look through founders’ finished and semi-finished projects, both design and code to offer friendly, non-binding advice.

Over the years we have helped many Appster clients who have come our way and we understand the difficult situation you are currently experiencing.

Receive free advice on your Appster development project.

Give us a call on either our Perth (08) 9325 1992 or Sydney (02) 8006 9448 numbers and we can arrange to work with you through the designs and code you’ll receive from Appster.

Our team will discuss where your app development project is at.

Once we have access to your project our team can look through all the designs and code and offer you free advice, explaining to you the code quality and performance.

Get yourself back on the startup road.

If your idea is your passion then we will explain to you how you can get it up and running in the shortest time possible. Every dream has potential, we will offer you help to increase your chances of success.

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Let’s chat about your idea.

Don’t let that idea slip you by, get a start on it today! Our mobile app products are like our children. We nurture and send them off into the world with a fanfare. Be part of the family!
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Apps People has years of experience with iPhone & iPad (iOS) and Android development. Since 2010 in fact!