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Discover Local Talent and Customise Your Night Out!

Amplify puts a modern twist on the jukebox, letting you tailor a bands setlist by requesting songs and dedicating them to your friends and loved ones!

  • See What’s on Tonight
  • Request Songs for an Artist to Cover
  • Real-time Live Band Requests
  • Artist Sections
  • Request History
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Find Nearby Artists

Amplify is artist orientated. Find your favourite local bands and see where they’re playing. Or spend your Saturday night discovering a new favourite!

Easy for Artists.

It's easy to get an artist profile set up and even easier to please your fans! With Amplify all of your fans requests are in the one place. Meaning you can shape your setlist and tailor it to every individual crowd.

Live Gigs

As an artist Amplify gives you a singular platform to create a personal expeirnece with the audience. It removes the need to flick through several social platforms to find fan requests and confine them into a setlist. Amplify allows you to receive requests throughout your gig, so you can please the crowd and make some extra cash! It's win-win.

Define who you are as an artist with the visual capabilities of Amplify. Connect with potential fans through the sharing of your identity; detail your genre and showcase your sound with playlists.

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Optimized for iPhone & iPad

For Audience & Artists alike

No matter what your preferred screen size, Amplify has got you covered! Audience members can request directly from their phones in the crowd while artists can get a larger and in-depth view with an iPad on stage.

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Out now on the App Store

Amplify is now available on iPhone and iPad. Download the app now and never miss a gig again!

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