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An In-Depth Look at the App.

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Where on Earth is that Seismic Boat?

The Searcher App is your answer! The app is a useful tool for individuals in the oil and gas industry to track the whereabouts of Seismic Searchers vessels. You can explore geographically or use the filter function to explore via vessel operator.

  • Worldwide Vessel Tracking
  • Industry Standard GPS
  • Android & iOS
  • Mobile & Tablet Versions
  • Fully Responsive
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A quick map-based application at your fingertips to track the whereabouts of the world’s Seismic Survey vessels.

With hundreds of Searcher vessels all over the world, the main map can get quite crowded. This makes it almost impossible to see what's actually there! Using smart code, we can cluster pins to make it easier for the user to navigate their way around the map; easfily and efficiently tracking the data provided by Seismic Searcher.

The Vessel Searcher Goes Pro!

Using the power of in-app purchases, the user has access to more accurate data. By going Pro you can even get real-time data about a ships whereabouts!

In-app purchase available

Monthly & Yearly Subscription

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Out Now on the App Store & Google Play

You can now search for a seismic vessel on any Apple and Android device! Download the app below and find out where on Earth that Seismic boat is.

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