The People Behind the Apps.

Apps People specialise in the design and development of web and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our team of creatives is based in Australia and are full of imagination, experience and know-how. We strive to offer our clients the most creative, technical, engaging and reliable solutions to ensure the successful launch of every mobile app we build, no matter its nature, purpose or complexity.


Developing mobile apps since 2010, we've been doing this well over a decade.

We're inspired by the power of great ideas and disruptive technologies. This is why we don't just develop ground breaking apps, our mission is to help ideas grow.

While others agencies prefer to take a Jack-of-all-trades approach, we prefer to focus on mobile apps. This helps us deliver quality results for our clients.

- Stuart Kidd / CEO

But alone, it's not enough to follow Apple and Google guidelines when delivering mobile apps, one needs to be at the forefront of learning by forever challenging themselves by researching user behaviour and undestanding which trends are triggering excitement or appealing to customers on the App Store and Google Play.

mission statement

Our brand, our culture, our goals and our company values is what attracts talented individuals to our team but it is our team that stands us apart from our competitors. They are our edge.



Our team of talents are the best in their industry, which has led Apps People to be a leading app development agency in Australia.


We have a diverse team from all backgrounds, beliefs and ethnicities, who use their cultural differences to create wonderful mobile apps for everyone.


We pour our passion for app development into every project we work on; providing a creative and supportive environment to help your startup prosper.

We Can Build Your Story.

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