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The People Behind the Apps.

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Who We Are

Apps People specialise in the design and development of web and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our team of creatives is based in Australia and are full of imagination, experience and know-how. We strive to offer our clients the most creative, technical, engaging and reliable solutions to ensure the successful launch of every mobile app we build, no matter its nature, purpose or complexity.

Mission Statement

We’re inspired by the power of great ideas and disruptive technologies. This is why we don't just develop ground breaking apps, our mission is to help ideas grow.

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Our team of talents are the best in their industry, which has led Apps People to be a leading app development agency in Australia.

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We have a diverse team from all over the world, who use their cultural differences to create beautiful mobile apps for everyone.

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We pour our passion for app development into every project we work on; providing a creative and supportive environment to help your startup prosper.

Meet The Team

We are a collective of creatives, entrepreneurs and out-of-the-box thinkers. Our designers, developers and project managers are plucked from around the globe and are the best in their field.

Stuart Kidd
Chief Executive Officer

I have been living and breathing mobile apps since 2010 and dazzling clients in web development since 1996, working alongside many large UK banks while pioneering in internet audio and video broadcasting. I have a healthy passion for User Experience and all things detail.

Alexander-Karan-apps people-cto
Chief Developer Programmer

Building apps for me is all about the challenge. I love the whole process from making it work to pushing it up in the rankings on the app store. I first got immersed in the tech space as a kid pulling apart the TV and since then, I have not stopped. I can’t wait to hear your ideas and see where we can take them.

Olivier Voyer-apps people-cio
Olivier Voyer
Chief Information Officer

An everlasting enthusiasm for new challenges and an insatiable zealousness for new technologies and finding the finest solutions to solve complex problems. My motto is “Nothing is impossible! Everything is a matter of motivation, time or budget. Or a mix of the three!”

Peter Rossdeutscher-apps people-strategic advisor
Peter Rossdeutscher
Strategic Advisor

Peter's companies haves provided agile innovation strategy advisory and initiatives to organisations such as Bankwest, CBH Group, METS Ignited, UWA, IBM, Murdoch University, CISCO, Woodside, Donhad Engineering, FESA, Curtin University & the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Apps People was founded in 2010 by Stuart Kidd, meaning we have years of unmatched experience with iPhone & iPad (iOS) and Android development.

We started out in Perth and have grown into a national company with representatives now in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Stuart is the first and only person to have listed an app development company on the Australian Stock Exchange!

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Apps People has years of experience with iPhone & iPad (iOS) and Android development. Since 2010 in fact!