The most popular question "How much does an app cost?".

The difficulty in answering what seems like a straight forward question is complicated due to the vast amount of different types of features and platforms available during a mobile app's development. Although we can't give you an exact price on this website, we have developed an app cost estimator to help you get a rough idea of the cost for a mobile app.

Android has a broader reach, in fact the Google Play Store doubles in app downloads in comparison to the App Store. Apple users have higher engagement and actually spend more money, however.

1.0 On which platforms do you want your app to be developed?

2.0 What hardware will your app be compatible with?

3.0 What type of app are you creating?

4.0 Will your users have to login?

5.0 Can your user make a personal profile?

6.0 How good should your app look?

7.0 Will your app need to use location services?

8.0 How will your app generate revenue?

8.1 Will your users be making payments via your app?

9.0 Will you need a content management system?

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