Adobe acquires Figma for US$20b

2 min. Read

Adobe has bought Figma for a whopping US$20b - how does that make me feel? Where can we go from here? So many questions.

Cross-Platform vs Native Development

5 min. Read

Mobile phones are no longer used for making phone calls. In fact, a small total of 7% of the time is spent on communicating directly via calls or text messages. It can be assumed that the rest of a user’s mobile experience is spent inside apps if not in the browser. Each phone is completely personalised to its owners’ lifestyle, with any app you could ever dream of available for download in the App Store. Only a portion of apps however, are completely personalised for a specific phone.

How To Get Your Start-up’s First Users

9 min. Read

Whether you are already an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, you should know that the struggle of getting your start-up’s first users is a difficult venture. Unfortunately, investing so much into creating something that you think is great is the easy part. There comes a time when you must take off the entrepreneur hat and replace it with the salesperson hat. If you can’t get other people as excited about your startup as you are, then you won’t have any customers. And if you don’t have any customers, you don’t have a successful business. Here are a few tips of the trade and examples from startups who have gone on to make millions.

6 Ways To Make Your Startup Investor Ready

6 min. Read

Funding is the number one factor that can drive or restrict your startup idea becoming a reality. While bootstrapping (essentially doing everything yourself or hiring people on the cheap) is an option, this can lead to some obvious issues along the line. Especially if you’re not confident in your skills or those of the people around you who are willing to work for almost nothing. Assuming this is the case and you also don’t happen to have a wad of cash lying around, you’re going to need to head to investors. Seeking investors is a scary step in the startup process so you’ll want to ensure you’re fully prepared. Below are 6 points you should focus on to get your startup, and yourself, ready to pitch to investors.

Choosing The Right App Development Agency At The Right Price

6 min. Read

Mobile apps are now a prominent business tool for any startup, large corporation, or even small business. This is great news for any app development agency, whose services are now in high demand thanks to the insane growth in mobile phone use in recent years. However, with ever growing interest in mobile applications, it can be easy for development agencies to settle for a lower quality of work. For several reasons, an app development agency may produce low quality work. These include trying to keep up with the increasing demand for work or as a strategy to maximise their profits.

Reasons to Be Rejected by the App Store

1 min. Read

I've nominated myself to start listing all the obscure reasons that Apple could reject your mobile app while it's in the review process. Many Product Owners and Software Engineers get tripped up by making simple mistakes that can ultimately lead to a mobile app's launch being delayed. That'll make the mobile app's client unhappy and will add to stress for the development team.

The Hidden Risks of Hiring a Freelancer to Develop Your Mobile App

3 min. Read

Platforms such as Upwork makes finding a freelancer to work on your project easier than ever! Credit: Upwork

Many clients head off in search of a freelancer who can develop their mobile app for half the costs quoted by an agency. 41% or one-third of the Australian workforce have jumped on the trend and now work freelance. Thanks to platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer, finding these freelancers is now easier than ever. While there’s a pool of workers to choose from there is also an equal amount of risks associated with hiring a freelancer to complete your project. Full disclosure, not all freelancers are bad news. However, we hear countless nightmare tales of people who have been burnt by the freelance fantasy. Here are a few factors you should take into consideration when crunching the numbers.

How Leveraging An API Adds Value To Your App

3 min. Read

Application programming interfaces, better known as API’s, enable many of the digital experiences we take for granted. Everyday behaviours such as ordering a pizza are made possible by leveraging API’s. How does an API have anything to do with the pizza you’ve just ordered? From entering your address to paying for your meal, API’s are used to run back and forth between the application, databases and your device.

What Makes a Successful Mobile App?

9 min. Read

An estimated 3 billion people in the world will own a mobile device by 2020. So, it’s safe to say that an increase in mobile users is more than likely going to increase app downloads and usage. The revenue of the app industry, therefore, will reflect this growth in app adoption; it’s basic economics. In fact, a successful mobile app can rake in so much revenue that the mobile app economy is predicted to be a 180 billion dollar industry by 2020, according to Statista. So, how can you get a slice of the pie?

Understanding Augmented Reality (AR) And Its Impact On Our Lives

4 min. Read

Augmented Reality (AR) is an enhanced version of reality where real-world objects are augmented using a technology that overlays computer-generated content onto a user’s view of the real world – the virtual content appears to become part of the real world. It is a combination of real life and virtual reality. The concept of ‘augmented’ came from the word ‘augment’ which means to enhance something.

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