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10 Most Popular App Analytic Tools

Mobile app analytics tools are inevitable when it comes to developing an understanding of how your mobile applications work and what improvements you can make to attract new customers and retain the existing. On both Android and iOS, there are hundreds of data points available to evaluate and figure what to improve or how to update your app to make it more attractive and profitable.

More than 50% of all e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices. SmartInsights reveals that about 89% of mobile browsing is through apps rather than sites. When people have a choice, they prefer a mobile app.

Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian communication professor, says, “point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insights and understanding”. So, make sure your app is being run by real-time data and insights instead of the point of views and opinions.

There are thousands of tools out there that you can use to analyse the performance of your app. However, you need to narrow down your options and select the tools which are relevant and helpful in achieving your objectives. Before we go ahead and talk about the 10 most popular app analytics tools, it’s important to understand why analytics tools are essential to your success.
Use mobile app analytics to learn how people use your app.
Mobile app analytics tools provide a systematic way of understanding users and how well your app meets user expectations. When you start analysing your app, you can then update your app based on your findings which may include the most liked features of your app, user pain points, and channels from where most downloads are coming from.

Objectives can vary from business to business. Whether you want to foster customer loyalty or want users to spend more on in-app purchases, the right analytic programs provide you with the insights that will guide you through the process. Making tweaks based on insights can dramatically improve the performance of your app.

Before we go ahead and discuss some of the best tools to keep track of things, let’s have a look at conversion optimisation and why it is critical.

Mobile app analytics can help optimise your app to boost conversion

With over 3 million apps in the Google store and with 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, why would someone spend time or money using your app? To beat the noise and stand out, your app must distinguish itself and bring value to the table.

Conversion optimisation is a process where you make tweaks or redesign some of the elements of your app in order to improve conversion rate. The following most popular mobile app analytics tools are designed to help you understand what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace:

1. Appbot

Appbot analytic tool

Appbot enables you to keep track of app reviews from Google Play, iTunes, and across platforms. It provides fully automated and simple-to-understand sentiment analysis for mobile app reviews.

Online reviews are an incredible reflection of how much the users like or dislike your app. However, it is a complicated and time-consuming process to go through each review or comment. This is where Appbot assists you by streamlining the review analysis process for you.

There are many top charting apps such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Truecaller that use AppBot to pull meaningful insights. Some of the features of this incredible app analytic tool include:

Sentiment: You can get a broad overview of how your app is performing including your app’s sentiment score.
Words: Find out the most commonly used words in your app reviews.
Sentiment app: Distribute the app reviews in terms of country and the overall feeling of users towards the app.


$49 per month for 1 user
$99 per month for 3 users
$199 per month for 10 users

Platform Supported: iOS, Android, Windows

2. Crashlytics

Crashlytics analytic tool

It is a lightweight, real-time crash reporter that finds out, prioritise, and resolve stability issues that can ruin the quality of your app. By intelligently grouping crashes and highlighting factors that lead up to them, Crashlytics saves you troubleshooting time and finds out if a particular crash is affecting user experience. When a problem increases in severity, Crashlytics will issue alerts right away. You can also find out which lines of codes are causing crashes.

Pricing: Free for everybody

Platform Supported: iOS and Android

3. Countly 

Counly app analytic tool

Countly is a great web and app analytic tool for tracking customer journey and understanding how your application is used. When it comes to retrieving every detail about your customers and tracking actions, Countly let you study the factors leading to improved user retention. The ability to track individual level customer sessions will make it easy for you to optimise your conversion funnels. You can also send push notifications to your customers at the right time and with great ease.

Pricing: From a free plan to $250 / month and upwards for Enterprise edition

Platform Supported: iOS, Android, Windows, Apple Watch, Unity3D and Flash

4. Flurry Analytics

Flurry app analytic tool

Flurry Analytics provides tools for business to keep track of user behavior across multiple mobile apps. You can use Flurry Push feature to target users based on demographic information, session activity, and custom events, and Flurry User Segments. It also enables you to test, measure and tweak various advertising campaigns through valuable insights.

Pricing: Free for all users

Platform Supported: Android and iOS platforms, including tvOS and watchOS

5. Localytics

Localytics app analytic tool

It is a mobile app analytics tool with a power to track up to 12 million data points and 100 thousand monthly active users. Localytics keeps track of user flows, granular analytics, and funnels. From A/B testing and marketing automation to traditional analytic programs and smart insights, Localytics is an excellent way to understand users and drive targeted engagement across the user life cycle.

Pricing: Free up to 10,000 users,

Platform Supported: iOS, Android, Windows

6. Google Analytics For Mobile

It is hard to skip Google Analytics for Mobile when it comes to listing most popular app analytic tools. The internet giant provides analytics solution which you can use to measure user actions, in-app payments and revenue. Other features include customised reports, visualisation of user navigation paths, and insights into different user groups’ behaviour.

Pricing: Free version plus custom tiers for enterprises.

Platform Supported: iOS, Android

7. App Annie

App Annie app analytic tool Google Analytics tool

App Annie is another one of the most popular mobile app analytics tools which helps developers build better products. It is an incredible repositories of statistics and news on the mobile world. You can track critical metrics ranging from ranking and reviews to downloads and revenue. With the most comprehensive and accurate market data, App Annie is helping over 1 million users to analyse over 14 million apps.

Pricing: Free and a premium package

Platform Supported: iOS, Android, TvOS, Windows, Amazon, Web

8. Appfigures

App Figures analytic tool

Appfigures combines everything you need to know about your app with full coverage across every app store. You can use this tool to simplify all your revenue numbers, user feedback, market performance figures, and usage metrics. Appfigures is truly an innovative way to sum all your revenue sources including in-app purchases, downloads, sales, subscriptions, and ads. With the help of flexible reports and extensive data sets, you can put data to work.


Free: track up to 5 apps
All-access: $9/month
Enterprise: $299/month

Platform Supported: iOS and Android

9. Mixpanel

Mix Panel app analytic tool

Mixpanel is a diverse and advanced analytics platform used by a number of technology giants such as WordPress and AirBnB. From funnel and cohort analysis to marketing automation, you can analyse each interaction across the full customer journey using external and internal data. Mixpanel is the tool if you want to improve engagement and lifetime value of your product.

Pricing: From a free plan to $999 / month and custom

Platform Supported: iOS, Android

10. Upsight

Upsight app analytic tool

It is one of the advanced analytic programs which offers customisable metrics and events to track. Upsight also provides ad optimisation and consultation services. You can customise the dashboard as KPIs. This platform is designed to handle the challenges of managing the large software portfolios. Upsight also offers marketing automation and A>B testing capabilities.

Pricing: Custom
Supported platforms: iOS, Android


Knowledge can make or break your business. Watch out for the right information. The more useful statistics you track, the more convenient it would be to improve your bottom line. Use these tools to reach the right users and keep improving. There are hundreds of mobile app analytics tools that you can choose from depending on your needs and requirements. Make sure you are using the right analytic tools which fit your business model.

If you are not sure where to start, consult a reputable app development company that has the resources and innovation to rebuild and bring your idea back to life.

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