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iPhone X Event: Everything that was unveiled at the Keynote

This morning the September Keynote from Apple unveiled multiple new models of the iPhone along with a new Series 3 Watch and 4K TV. Firstly the keynote began by showcasing the new Steve Jobs Theatre, which reflects everything Apple is about. Shots of the architecture were accompanied with a soundtrack by The Beatles; All you need is Love. Designed with incredible attention to detail, precision and materials, the theatre poses an open and inspiring environment for teams to collaborate. Surrounded by over 9,000 trees, it is designed to be seamless with nature.

The audience is full of excitement, anticipation and nostalgia as Steve opens his theatre with a recorded monologue. Then, Tim Cook takes the stage and kicks off the keynote with an introduction dedicated to the late Steve Jobs. Cook announced the Hand-in-Hand benefit for hurricane relief, which is set to air the night of the keynote, before moving on to announcing the latest and greatest Apple products that will soon hit our shelves.



No longer will the Apple Store be called a store, they will now be known as Town Squares. Opening in the top cities around the world,  the town squares will become a place where everyone comes together. Gathering places, if you will; a place where Apple employees humanise technology. Their new store design involves a plaza- a space open to everyone. Forums will serve as a place for people to come create, collaborate and communicate. As well as a newly designed Genius Grove and Avenues that will be carefully curated and change seasonally to reflect the newest products.


Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch for Fitness

Tim Cook proudly announced that the Apple Watch is now the number one watch in the world, having moved above Rolex in the ranks. The new watch brings new features for swimmers, a re-design of the fitness app and a new feature that allows you to monitor your heart rate. The Apple Watch will now analyse your resting heart rate and recovering heart rate before and after your workout is over, giving you a better idea of your heart rate over the day.

Another handy feature is one that notifies you when the watch identifies an elevated heart rate when the wearer doesn’t appear to be active. Lastly, they’re adding a focus on heart rhythm. When your heart beats off rhythm, called arrhythmia, Apple watch can help. The Apple Heart Study was also announced, which will use data from the Apple Watch to analyse arrhythmia. There’s also a newly re-designed music experience as discussed in the keynote earlier this year.



Apple Watch gets cellular

Adding cellular which Tim referenced to as ‘just darn close to magic” makes the Series 3 update the ultimate expression of Apple Watch. Now you can take only your watch out and stay connected, being reached if needed while staying in the moment. It has the same phone number as your phone and Siri is at your beck and call at all times. You can also get directions, use chat apps and stream over 40 million songs on your wrist with Series 3. A dual-core processor delivers up to 70% better performance. This new processor also means Siri can now talk on the watch.

Cellular is changing everything. Rather than add an antenna and bulk up the casing, the antenna is embedded into the screen. Integrated with an electronic sim a fraction of the size of a normal sim, the case remains the same size as series 2. This is thanks to some awesome engineering!  Series 3 also brings with it a new range of athletic, Nike and fashionable bands. Series 3 Apple Watches will start at $459 without cellular and $559 with cellular. Available to pre-order on September 15 and in stores on September 22.


Apple TV 4K

The new Apple TV brings advancements in picture quality with 4K. There’s 4 times the number of pixels in HD with the introduction of HDR. There are not just more pixels, but better pixels. CPU performance is almost twice as fast, with graphics 4 times as fast as the current Apple TV. It also provides a game changer for sport fanatics, as Apple is bringing live sports to apple TV along with live news.



“Technology infused with humanity can change peoples lives and the world” are the words spoken by Tim Cook as he unveiled the latest models of their flagship device. The ten year anniversary of the iPhone has come. There’s been an incredible evolution from the first generation, where it was proven that you could actually touch the software instead of buttons, all the way to the new iPhone range. Which unveiled the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X (or otherwise referred to as 10). Supposedly the most durable glass ever to be used in a smartphone is being used for both the front and back of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.  All models are microscopically sealed for dusk and water resistance. Each model also has a new retina HD display with built-in 3D Touch.

It’s also worth mentioning, the speakers are 25% louder than the 7!  Inside the new iPhone range is an ‘A11 bionic’ chip. The most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone, 6-core CPUm 64-bit design and 4.3 billion transistors. The new chip increases performance by up to 70% than the previous A10 chip. This helps to deliver faster autofocus and pixel processors for better sharpness, texture and all-in-all better pictures.


iPhone 8 and 8 plus

An all-new 12mp camera is in the 8 and a 12mp dual camera is in the 8 Plus. This provides 83% more light and deeper pixels, while still being more power efficient. True Tone display has been introduced into the camera, which adapts the colour, temperature and intensity to the light and environment around the user.

We also saw a sneak peek of portrait lighting, which is currently in beta but will be released with the iPhone 8 range and the iPhone X. This isn’t filters, it’s real-time analysis and machine learning that separates the subject from the background, contouring their face with specific lighting. You can even change the lighting effect after you’ve taken the image and play around with the different options. Real-time image and motion analysis makes the iPhone 8’s camera the best yet. This means, while you’re shooting a video, the iPhone divides each frame into individual tiles, 2 million tiles per second to be exact. With the ability to shoot HD at 240 frames per second, that’s double of the previous iPhone.

It comes in silver, space grey and a new gold finish. With configurations of 64gb and 256gb, the new iPhones will be available on September 22nd. The iPhone 8 starts at $1,079 with the 8 Plus starting price being $1,229.


iPhone X

Ten years after the first iPhone, a product is revealed that will set the future of technology for the next decade. That product is the iPhone X, a huge step forward for the iPhone. With a 5.8-inch retina display, the iPhone X integrates OLED display. This provides the user with great contrast, high resolution and an added thinness to the screen. The X model also includes the same 3D Touch and True Tone display as the iPhone 8 range.



The iPhone X has been designed to enable an entirely new fluid and intuitive experience. Raise to wake the phone or just tap on the screen. With an edge to edge display, there’s no more home button. This is going to drastically change the user experience.

So how do you go to the home screen? You simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you’re home. Yes, this includes if you’re inside an app. What about multitasking? You swipe up from the bottom, hold for a second, and you can multi-task. Alternatively, you can swipe along the bottom of the screen to switch back and forth between apps. Swipe down from the status bar and you have access to the newly re-designed control centre. As usual, you can just talk to Siri directly, but with no home button, the side button will now be your gateway to Siri. Being larger than in previous models, hold it down and you can ask or command away.

The iPhone has also evolved from its slide to unlock phase, to Touch ID and now your phone can be unlocked simply by looking at it. Face ID is now the future of how we unlock our phones and protect our privacy. Face ID will also work with Apple Pay and third-party apps that already support Touch ID. And no, it can’t be tricked by someone using an image of you. This is because by learning your face, Face ID knows who you are no matter how drastically you change your hairstyle, accessories or grow over time. Having no home button will take some getting used to, but it’s going to provide a more seamless experience for all iPhones down the line.

The iPhone 10 has 12mp dual cameras with larger and faster sensors just like the iPhone 8. What’s different about the iPhone 10’s camera is the dual optical image stabilization, which helps compensate for shaky hands and deals with low light zoom better. The true depth front camera is supposedly going to change the ‘selfie’ game as well. Great for photos, 4k videos and is developed to work perfectly with AR thanks to the A11 bionic chip that allows for a battery life 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7!

The iPhone X comes in 2 colours, space grey and silver. It is available for a starting price of $1,579 as of November 3rd.



The future is wireless, which is becoming truer than ever before. It started with the wireless earphones and now with iPhone 8 and 10, comes wireless charging. Airports, restaurants and even cars have begun to implement wireless charging with support from the company QI. To make the charging experience even more simple, a sneak peek of a larger wireless charging pad was shown at the keynote. Soon you could charge your new iPhone, Series 3 Watch, EarPods and their case simultaneously! This has been made possible by working with Qi to better manage the charging of all devices, through the newly introduced AirPower.



The iPhone 8 range and iPhone X is the first iPhone designed specifically to handle Augmented Reality. This capability greatly benefits from the new A11 Bionic chip. ARKit is changing gaming on the iPhone immensely. By developing spacial audio, you’re not just playing the game, you’re in the game.


Don’t forget the introduction of Animoji




A list of all the new techs and specs coming to iPhone X

  • 5.8 inch Super Retina display
  • Glass and stainless steel design
  • Face ID
  • 12MP dual cameras with dual OIS
  • TrueDepth Camera
  • A11 Bionic
  • Quad-LED True Tone Flash
  • Slow Synch flash
  • Portrait mode (front and back)
  • Portrait Lighting
  • Animoji
  • LTE Advanced
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Stereo speakers
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Wireless Charging
  • Fast-charge capable

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                  iPhone X Event: Everything that was unveiled at the Keynote

iPhone X Event: Everything that was unveiled ...

This morning the September Keynote from Apple unveiled multiple new models of the iPhone along with a new Series 3 Watch and 4K TV. Firstly the keynote began by showcasing the new Steve Jobs Theatre, which reflects everything Apple is about. Shots...

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