Reasons to Be Rejected by the App Store

I've nominated myself to start listing all the obscure reasons that Apple could reject your mobile app while it's in the review process. Many Product Owners and Software Engineers get tripped up by making simple mistakes that can ultimately lead to a mobile app's launch being delayed. That'll make the mobile app's client unhappy and will add to stress for the development team.

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You've developed a wonderful mobile app and you are about to upload it to be reviewed by the App Store peeps.

But it's been rejected! Oh no...

I've been developing mobile app since 2010 and over the past 12 years I have learned from experience there are many reasons to be rejected during Apple's App Store review process.

Every Developer and Product Owner should regularly read Apple's App Store Review Guidelines but some of them can be a little ambiguous or difficult to understand.

Over the coming weeks I'm gong to highlight some of the more obscure reasons for rejection, which should help you avoid any headaches or unnecessary waiting times before you can get public eyes on your loveable mobile app.

Tip #1


This one first affected me about 10 or 10 years ago but still affects many developers.

Never had the word 'Android' or other third-party platform listed in your app.

Personally, I can see no reason at all why an app shouldn't be allowed to display the world 'Android' but nevertheless, it's not okay by Apple, unless it's in the context of explaining interactivity that your app may have with the Android platform.


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