Ads on Wheels


Ads on Wheels


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Ads on Wheels Concept

The founders, Michael and Daniel both came to see us and spoke passionately about how they wished to change the advertising space by selling advertising campaigns to companies who wished to have their branding on vehicles being driven about the city. We loved it.


Ads on Wheels Process

Ads on Wheels was never going to be your run-of-the-mill type of app, there were so many complexities around car tracking and the limiting factors around privacy and technology. We'd worked with iBeacons man times before and this seemed like a perfect technology to use in the Ads on Wheels mobile app. We built the apps natively using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Its backend was built using React and MongoDB.



Ads on Wheels is a great concept. Hassle free, easy process to follow, and friendly team. Fantastic way to earn!

Leigh B

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