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The Carryabook Concept

Dating apps are dime a dozen, but our client wanted to create a mobile app that allows people to meet each other either online or offline and discuss books. The app's intention was never about meeting to date and it was never about casual relationships, at the heart of it was a meeting place for people who loved books, breathed books and adored books. If you prefered reading page after pager rather than scroll after scroll then this concept was meant for you. Ironically, this would be the digital equivalent of a book club.


The Carryabook Process

The Carryabook development was in 2019, before the time we started loving Flutter, so its development was decided to be in Swift and therefore only available for iPhone users. Its design was created using Figma and the app used a Firebasae backend (BaaS). From launch, probably the most popular areas for the app are in France and Italy. If you love books then download this app and meet some people to chat about books that you love.



Great app, really love the design and very easy to navigate.

Timmy Rhys (Apps Store Review)

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