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Maintenance Packages.

If you wish to keep your app constantly updated, free of bugs and in line with tech and design trends, we provide maintenance packages so you can be sure your users always have a seamless experience!
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Apps Need TLC Too

And more than you’d think! If you just launch and leave your mobile app out in the app world to fend for itself, it will wind up in the app graveyard. You need to update your app as it is crucial to its success and adoption in the market.

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Bug Fixes & Minor App Updates

Minor bugs are commonplace when new features have been implemented or after the introduction of a new operating system advances can cause errors in your app's functionality. We know your customer can only deal with so many glitches before they give up using your app altogether. This is why if we find any bugs or errors, we fix them as soon as possible.

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Tracking and Analytics

You’ve put a lot of time and money into making your app idea a reality, so why let it slip through your fingers now by not maintaining it? We track your app and how it is being used, analysing all feedback from the user experience.''

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New Features & Major App Updates

If you’re listening to your consumers, you’re going to be hearing that they want new features! While we track the use of your app, we follow if your users love a feature, are ignoring features or any need improvements. We then work with you to make changes accordingly, helping you adapt and innovate to these demands and new tech trends to keep your users engaged. After all, it’s what’s going to keep your app thriving.

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Let’s talk app maintenence.

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